Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Replacement Comforter

Oh, Golly! Life sure spins on a dime sometimes! Just last week I was leading the life of sloth and ennui and suddenly it feels like I haven't even been home for a month! I've worked 2 back to back shifts of 12 hours and 10 and 1/2 hours respectively. And Saturday I took a little jaunt to visit a pen pal in prison. And I barely had time to change my linens for a Halloween Theme and now it's Halloween already today!

And tomorrow is November.
I have so much to talk about I don't know where to begin! My friend since Junior High, Bee, came through for me in a big way and sent me an old but wonderful laptop to use while at work, and it has been a lifesaver. I loaded up my Sims game and I am content!

A few weeks ago, I got out my down comforter to discover it had died a Black Mold Death. That stuff is rather vicious in California and one mustn't become damp. Ever. Apparently this had not gotten dry completely and it was mildewed from the inside out. So I had to throw it away. Goodbye, my lover! Goodbye my friend! You have been the one, you have been the one for me! I can't tell you how many nights I slept warm and toasty while those around me froze their tushes off at Civil War events. (Yes, I had my down comforter on my cot: you didn't think I would ROUGH it, did you? I like to play dress-ups, not suffer!

Oh it gave me a pang to throw it out and face the facts that I wouldn't be able to afford to replace it anytime soon.

On Friday I heard quite a commotion in the vacant apartment in my building, and not one to mind my own business when there is snooping to be done, I went down to check it out! Talk about hitting the Bonanza! The maintenance guys were cleaning out the #4 unit which had been abandoned. And I was welcome to take anything I wanted. I scored! Everything he had was brand new from Target, and I got a set of lamps, a set of 3 matching candlesticks, tiered. I got all kinds of wire wisks and a very good stainless steel spatula. I also got these elephants.

And in that very day's mail my cousin Billie had sent me this elephant cookie cutter and an elephant shaped recipe card for elephant sugar cookies! Can't WAIT to bake those! Elephants are my sign.

But Wait! There's More!

Thrown in the middle of the bedroom floor in a jumble of jeans, pillows and other bedding, I spied the corner of a pure white down comforter sticking out from the heap. I grabbed it right up and took it outside into the light. It didn't appear to have any man cooties on it; in fact it was as clean, pristine and brand-spanking new as everything else this guy had just up and left. Just to make sure I tossed it into the biling pot with a good cup of Bleach and dried it on HIGH heat and now I have myself a beautiful replacement comforter!

Wonders will never cease. Aren't you glad about that? Happy Halloween everyone! Remember, we celebrate this ancient holiday in order to get our sugar count up to danger levels, so start chewing!


Anonymous said...

THAT, my dearest Miss Pink, is an Uber Cool chain of events!!

Dancing the dance of joy while chewing on candy corn :-)

Queen Q

Janet said...

What an amazing stroke of good luck! All those goodies plus a down comforter. You must be living right!

And what could be cuter than an elephant cookie cutter! Sugar cookies sound so good but alas!... none for me.

PS - I've made your foccacia bread several times now, and each time hubby says it gets better!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Thank you so much, Janet And thanks for the halloweeny card, too! You know you can just add your name to that recipe, I'm not proprietary at all on that one. It can now be "Janets Easiest Foccacia" if you wish!

PEA said...

Happy Halloween Miss!! Does sound like you've had quite a week! Some good luck too with being able to take some stuff from the abandoned apartment...even a replacement conforter!! xox

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow, what a good score! Well done, you.

Why did the guy just leave everything? Had he done a flit or something? I'm curious.

Anyway, glad you are back blogging. I was getting concerned, but here you are again. Welcome back!

Mrs. G said...

Just found your blog...and got a much needed *giggle* from the "man cooties" comment :)

thanks (and good score with all the free things!)