Friday, January 27, 2006

The Unfocused Cat

Coming Soon: Pictures of My Teapots!

Well, I am learning to play with my new camera, and my favorite subjects are: Myself, my cat Mackie and my Decor. I can sit still, and the decor can sit still, but Mackie seems to be unable to manage it.

I thought the color of the bowl, the color of the quilt and the color of my shirt somehow magically match the color of my squinty eyes but you can't really tell, can you?

And Mackie, as usual, cannot resist stealing my drinking straw from my iced tea and hiding it under the doily. SO CUTE!


Robin said...

Hi, I found your link from Robyn's site i.e.! =) Just wanted to say you write HILARIOUS posts. I will bookmark your site and visit again!

Have a good day.

Mike Sawin said...

I too found your blog via Robyn's site. Nice blog!

And I think Mackie is One Cool Cat.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

THANK YOU Mike and Robin!