Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Template That Ate My Blog!

Well, I spent long hours into the wee dawny getting my blog to look so cool. Changing the colors, hunched in my old, broken TASK chair writing html color codes and previewing them and trying again. I just want a PINK BLOG is that so harsh? Pink with some misty-cloud blue font coloration. But the template won't allow it! So I changed Templates!

AND THE NEW TEMPLATE ATE MY LINKS. All that time spent painstakingly visiting all those blogs and getting the url just right, for the convenience of me and all my friends.

Now I hateses Filthy Blogspot. We hatessessss it yesssss! Nasty filthy Blogspot! Eating our links while nice, friendly bloggers STARVE.

I don't know a thing about writing code, by the way, and can only decypher it if I can do a quick look-see preview to see what I just changed. But it just astonishes me, a simple hobbit maiden, that a real Blog Template Designer person could not figure out a way to let a person try a new template without WIPING OUT all the links. And Blogger only lets you have your choice of about 9 ugly man-beast looking templates. You know, Brown on Brown. Grey on Grey, or BLACK. I blame the Patriarchy. I really do. So I'll be back, after a long rest and my elevenses, to labor away and get those links back.

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