Thursday, June 04, 2009

An Unnecessary Purchase

Unnecessary, but needed. One of my work pals surprised me with 4 tee-shirts for summer. She had ordered them from a catalog and they were way too large for her. Of course that means they are skin-tight on me but I thought I could make them work.

If I could get past the colors, that is. We are talking Leprechaun Green, Neon Red and Acid Blue. (The 4th one is white, so no problem there.)

So I got out the trusty bleach bottle and brought them up to pretty pastel colors more in keeping with my natural coloring tones.

See? Pretty Easter Egg Green! With a lavender undershirt!

With freshwater pearls of course.

Along with the New! Less Neon! tees, I bought a couple new tops at St. Vincent's Thrift store.

I love thrift store shopping! It's a good thing, too since it's the only way I'd get any 'new' clothes at all. I usually have a hard time finding anything in "super-size-me" sizes, but occasionally I get lucky. And very creative...

This was an ugly granny dress which I converted to a cute summer tunic top to be worn with Capri leggings.

This was another Bleach-Baby. What was once Pepto-Abysmal pink is now a soft, pretty petal pink.

This is much neater in person. It's got a very long skirt and this giant tunic top. I'm going to cut up the skirt to make some shirred draping around the waist of the t-shirt. It's part of my movement to support Michelle Obama in her campaign for Textured Dressing.

I got all these pieces for under 10 dollars along with a Johnson Brothers Regency cream pitcher (to be featured later.)

So there was really no reason to make any further clothing purchases. No reason whatsoever.

But tell me--if you can--how I, Miss Pink Ponsonby, Queen of All Things Tea, could see this and walk away?

(Object in picture has been folded to appear smaller than in real life.)


Anonymous said...

i like this!
i want to go thrift shopping soon; i've missed it of late... alas!

Bethany said...

How extremely clever with the bleach! I love your results. :o) Kudos, Miss Pink!