Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Then There Were Two

After yesterday, I decided it was perhaps best not to wander out today, so I started a project instead.
It's some kind of law of physics that a vacuum must be filled, and thus it is when I've cleared off a wee bit of space in which to work.

Using this basic pattern from I modified it to be less of a giant capacious handbag that would store a three volume novel of more than revolting sentimentality, and more of a purse.

The first one took several hours, two hours of which were spent thinking.I love a messy creation station!

It looks more like an apron than a purse!

I always have to have twice the pockets that other people have.

Ta Da!

Mackie approves


I liked it so much I made a second one!

This one has shorter straps and is less wide.

Notice how Mackie has moved on over on TOP of the pink one.
Lip smackin' good!


Homesteading in MS said...

The bags are so pretty. You do beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

I see your cool bags and think I should make one.....but I never do.

You be the genius!!!

Queen Q