Friday, November 14, 2008


One of the best parts of autumn and winter is getting to turn on all the lights and also to burn candles.

The days are short enough that there is plenty of time to spend quiet time at home with the candles lit and the lights down low.

I like it even more when there aren't any lights lit and it's just the candles. Except I stumble around in the dark trying to find my snacks.

I think I would love it if we had more power outages so that I couldn't really turn on any electric lights at all. Except all my food would go bad in the fridge. Except that I could just eat it all up and not worry about it. Except I would have to cook it over a brazier, which I don't happen to own.

Cooking over a brazier is passe: nobody does it anymore. Most folks don't even own any braziers of their own. They have to go to Dairy Queen to get any brazier cooked foods. And those are mostly microwaved.

Which is why I decided to take pictures of the various lights around my place so that, in the event that lights become obsolete like brazier's have, there will be a record that such things once existed and lit up our world!

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