Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Face!

Yes, here is my new profile picture. I can't seem to get the icon to be any bigger than a postage stamp, so here it is in a larger size so you can actually see it with the naked human eye.


Get rid of that ACE character. I do not see what the fuss is about him and he needs a haircut. Of course Paula is in love with him so he's not going anywhere. But is he really THAT good? And what is with that stupid affectation of needing a beanie in his back pocket all the time? Get a haircut and you won't need to smash your hair down to make it manageable. I suppose we are supposed to think that is cute? Like a signature trademark, how endearing?

I'm all for the little chipmunk cheek kid, but he needs to go, as well. He's Munchkin-cute, but is he really necessary? Also, time to get rid of the other white boy, the non crooner one, the one who looks like he's one of the Brady Bunch. It always sounds like he's singing High School Theatre to me.

I'm all about Taylor Hicks! He's such a natural, so enthusiastic, and how can you not love anyone as spastic as Joe Cocker was who looks like a mush between George Clooney and the Young Steve Martin? And, he wore a suit, how refreshing from the obligatory torn jeans and long-sleeved shirt-under a teeshirt fad that I can't stand. A Teeshirt is UNDERWEAR, people. I don't care how many logo's you put on it, it's an UNDERSHIRT.

THEN, I just adore Sway. He's short, he wears hats indoors, which is my bottom line pet peeve, but he's quite the singer. I'm sorry he was so deluded, though, about that magic moment when his parents were together again watching him sing. Anyone with an ounce of female hormone could have read the body language between those two! Like total strangers only worse, absolutely NO eye contact and obviously so loathing of each other they wouldn't even let their elbows bump accidentally.

Of course, I really like the raspy voiced bald headed Chris Daughtry with the dude McDude sideburns. He is so very good, and I loved it that he said his kids are now really popular in school. It's fleeting of course, but kind of sweet, having a semi-famous Dad and all.

I didn't like the scurfy looking tall blonde pony-tailed Bucky but last night he was very good and I got that southern singer feel out of him. And once he gets his teeth capped, he'll be spiffy.

As for the girls, well, The Snot who Poses, Briscuit or Brillo or whatever her name is has too much Ego Malfunction for me. I like Kelly Pickler, the Divine Mandisa, and of course my choice for final winner is Lisa Tucker. She won't even need a stage name! And I love it that she is too young to wear lipstick, so she doesn't.

I'm not nearly as smitten with that perky little Paris as everyone else seems to be, but whatever the outcome of Idol, she's got a guarenteed career because not only is she good, but Randy Jackson cannot get his nose far enough up her butt in adoration of her famous Gramma. She'll be signed to a label pronto, so she's not necessary, is she?

But I guess we'll have to wait and see for tonight. America can be so stupid sometimes.

Oh, and people? POST COMMENTS, please? I'm so bereft of feedback.


Anonymous said...

Taylor is my favorite. I wish I could scoop him up and put him in my pocket!
P.S. I found you thru Robyn. :)

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Kewl! I love that Taylor, too! So glad you stopped by! Don't you just adore that Robyn? Her website is my favorite.