Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prize Winner!

Lookee! Lookee!!! This is what I won from Manuela over at The Pleasures of Homemaking! (

Of course it felt like it was taking forever for it to arrive when actually it arrived a little ahead of schedule!

And of course she wrapped it in TOILE tissue paper with a TOILE note card! Ooohhh this makes me so happy!

So far the book has given me several new things to think about. Making a mission statement or purpose of life statement is one of them. What really is my 'point' to it all? That's a good question to ask myself!

So far my 'new years resolutions' have confined themselves to the simple little thought of just trying to keep my nails painted. (guffaw!)

And then I had a conversation with a dear one about how she has moved so often that she only has in her apartment things that she TRULY LOVES.

This made me think. I have things I really really LIKE. And I have things that are useful but that I am not that wild about. And then I have duplicates of things (like more than 5 glass pie plates. But I bake a lot of pies. But I don't bake 5 at a time so....)

So I guess I will be embarking on that journey of asking the musical question....'is this STUFF essential for my joy, my well being, my ability to function seamlessly and with ease?' And of course those are all different categories, aren't they? Can they be blended into a cohesive whole?

So, thank you Manuela for drawing my name as the winner! Here we go...

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