Monday, January 11, 2010


First, I felt like my bedroom was dingy and dull and boring. So a quick swap-out of quilts and here's the before and after:

Much warmer for this long winter, I think.

And I finally finished up my Christmas quilt. It definitely looks like I hurried. I had all kinds of trouble with it and I'm just glad it's done.  I took it to work to show my 98 year old today and she liked it very much...however, she said, "All these chimneys and not a Santa in sight!"

And I had to agree. So as soon as I find some appropriate Santa Fabric I will be appliqueing one or two on a rooftop here and there.

I also happen to think the back looks as good as the front! Fun, anyway!  Happy January, folks, from we here at the "Still celebrating Christmas" Cafe!

*Oh, and PS: Anonymous in the Brown Coat: Of course I knew who it was right away! Are you still dog-sledding in Alaska? Drop me an email sometime and tell me how you found my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That red really pops! I think you are right about it looking warmer for winter. Hope you're still having a Happy Christmas.
Sal's Girl