Sunday, January 17, 2010

O Pioneer!

There is an old John Denver song called, "Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everyone Goes to Mexico)" that I have always particularly loved. Because it reminds me of that gap of time between the end of the holidays and the springing forth of the Spring. Which, where Im from in Indiana, can take as much as 5 months.

So  a person must find something to DO. A nice long PROJECT of some sort.

And thus you find me attempting to assemble, at last, the quilt frame I was given last summer, and getting a quilt into the frame.

NOT a one-man project by any means.

Unless you are a pro wrestler of giant, tall, skinny stick-men.

I just envisioned myself, sitting before the bright light of the window, in these early months of the year, quilting away to my hearts content, happy at last to be working on the quilt that it has taken me 10 years to complete.

But it appears that Fate has intervened.

This nifty little knob assembly that keeps the quilt tightly in it's frame happens to be missing on the 4th end of the quilt frame. Rendering it utterly useless.

Yes, I shall order the replacement knob, perhaps. But the frame has other issues, mainly that the rods are not long enough and I'm going to have to rig up some extensions. And thats' just a lot of hard work. So I guess I'll have to let it go, the idea of quilting before the window like a Pioneer of Old, and resort instead to my oval lap frame. 

Which is fine with me. I just wish I could have gone to Mexico, instead.


Anonymous said...

God that makes me FURIOUS! I hate to get excited about a project and then get stopped abruptly in my tracks like that. Maybe you can just move your chair into the window when you're quilting on your lap. :)

Anonymous said...

At least you will be warm and snug with the quilt on your lap :-) (And it is beautiful, btw)

Queen Q

Gaivota said...

Well my english is not very good but I find your blog just because it's next do mine in Blogger.
I've just loved it, your way, your simplicity... and your cat. Here in Portugal were I live and was born, things and people are still very diferent. Latin people are more phisical, if you know what I mean. Well some of my family roots are english and that makes me a kind of outsider. So I think that blogs like yours are a drop of enlightment in our sun & beach way of life.
Bye, bye. May God be with you.