Thursday, July 09, 2009


Well, I know you all haven't heard from me in ages and what can I say? One of my clients took a turn for the worse (or in this case worst) and I've been doing a LOT of time for blogging!

And now suddenly I don't have many hours AT ALL and thus I've invented a clever new idea...called the Blog Sale!

I never have enough stuff for an Etsy, you know, plus all that online paypalling and people taking percentages just sends me into the stutters! So I'm just going to sell my tired treasures to anyone who wants them!

I'm trying to include the price of postage in with the sale price. I HATE charging people for handling-- what's to handle? I have to handle it so why would I charge you to handle it over to you? --so that it's a simple transaction.

I'd prefer cash in the mail but you can also do check or money order. Everything is sold AS IS. If something is glitched I'll tell you. All sales are final! Honey, I need the money so by the time you've changed your mind I've spent your dime!

email me any requests: this is first-come-first served you know! If you want something, tell me firmly and I'll mark it sold and remove it from the blog. Any questions? email me:
misspinkbutler at comcast dot net

First up are these vintage/antique amethyst earrings. I picked these up back in the 60's at an antique jewelry store. I paid a pretty penny for them. I assume they are 10k gold and the amethysts are actually cut glass but you never know. They are vintage, beautiful, screw-back earrings. $40.00 sorry I don't have a close-up lens on my camera! But trust me they are delicate and beautiful.

Vintage Lumpy Quilt: $60.00

Yes, it's lumpy, but the colors are gorgeous! It's a small twin bed sized quilt, tied with yarn.

The back is a thin cotton in this wonderful aqua, orange and sunflower yellow fabric. There is one worn/tear just from fragile fabric on the BACK. It can easily be patched or stitched depending on the look you want for your quilt. This is just a very sweet quilt.

Next I've got 3 petit point dinner plates. These are not a 'brand name' china, in fact the back is totally unmarked.
I'm asking $5.00 each or $15.00 for all three.

Cool cotton bags $20.00 each. I'll post individual shots in my next post! Don't want to stress out Blogger! These bags are all handmade by me and are lined with a contrasting cotton.

This is one of those brand name knock-offs but I couldn't tell you whose! I don't even know if it's real leather. I do know it's BRAND spanking new and comes with a check book.

Red heart wallet: $10.00.
Last but not least I've got 4 bars of my green garden soap at $3.00 a bar. These are small bars but smell heavenly.

Please remember these exorbitant prices include the postage! I'll 'handle' them for free!
All items come with CAT HAIR at no extra charge. If you want fancy insurance then you'll have to pay for that!
Still no charge for the cat hair, though.

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