Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jammin' Scammin'!

We've all gotten those Nigerian 411 scams in our inbox at one time or another; General McTutu's poor widow who has 14 million dollars that for some reason she wants to share with little old me if I can just help her get it out of her war-torn country; etc. They are pretty easy to spot and there are even entire web sights devoted to scamming these scammers. Most of them seem pretty damn dumb right from the get-go, and yet they seem to think they are BRILLIANT and really have JUST the hot ticket plan to relieve us of our hard earned cash.

I think they are despicable of course.

When I got the following important letter from the FBI in my inbox today I wanted to offer this poor "FBI agent" a cup of tea. And an education. At least a spelling lesson. And then spank him and send him to bed without any supper:

Hello this is from the fbi law enforcement usa californoia 93535.if you had been scam before this is a help agent to you This is to let you know that all of you who had lost money to scammers in africa and usa i let you know that there is an quick opportunity for you all. mostly you lost money through lottery. my name is FBI martins. i assure you that i will doall i can to get your money back to you in 3 days okay. a opportunity to getyour money back I believe you know what scam means. i am a global scam fither in CA 93535.we have all the global scam computer to trace all scammer name and location okay...if you had sent money to africa youhave a chance to take 1 of them to courth because 1 of them had been caught.. if you lost money or wins or deaf lottery contact us quick


Carrol said...


Too funny....but off with his head anyway!

Queen Q

beyondpanic said...

"global scam fither" and "courth"...this fellow thertainly has a speetch impediment that needs to be looked into. Signed, Daffy Duck

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Yes indeed! I want to be a global scam fither! It sounds lightweight. Yet heavy. One wonders what Mulder and Scully would think, too...