Friday, March 06, 2009

Jack Ball Where Are You?

Today I was watching a Jack in the Box commercial and I told my friend that all the Jack balls I've ever had have gotten stolen from my antenna.

He said, "So have mine!"

We pondered this for a moment.

Where do they all go? Is it just one person who is stealing them? Or is there an entire army of Jack in the Box Antenna Ball Thieves? Do they move about in stealth and darkness, harvesting the Jack balls in sweeping phalanxes? Are there secret storage facilities deep within the bowels of some desert mountain range overflowing with holding tanks stuffed with pilfered Jack balls?

I'm probably endangering myself by asking such questions in an open forum like this, so I'll quickly yet subtly change the subject.

I have been learning to see out of my new trifocals. I never knew until now what a bobblehead I must be. Any slight movement and the world spins, my stomach churns with butterflies and I fall over. Alas, I seem to be in motion every moment of the day. Even sitting perfectly still looking into the optometrists eyes as he told me I just had to be patient while I get used to them , I was watching the world swirling and spinning out of focus.

And all I was doing was listening attentively!

Here is a picture of me with my new lenses:

See what I mean? The world is TOTALLY out of focus right now.

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Haricort Verts said...

We used to get Famous Star antenna toppers from Carls Jr but they disappeared too. We now have a weiner from Wienerschnitzel which requires minor surgery to remove.