Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cat Manners

There are good guest manners and good hostess manners. And then there are Pet Manners which seem to be a credo unto themselves.

I recently had a house guest for a few days. No, I didn't put a fresh raw fish in her room, but I did put fresh flowers. (After a week the fish stinks and the guest is driven from the residence.) But if I HAD put a fresh raw fish in her room, perhaps my cat would have treated her with less disdain.

I've never seen anything like it, as a matter of fact! He lets you know how he FEELS about you, one way or the other. He either comes on over to be petted and admired or bites you to register disapproval.

Poor Bee just got the cat equivalent of 'talk to the hand'! He wouldn't look at her, acknowledge her, or join us when we were doing fun things with paper. Nada, Zip, Zilch. He wanted nothing to do with her.

Since she is a big cat lover, donates to Big Cat animal rescue charities and has owned many, many cats over the course of her life, this was a big mystery to both of us!

I finally came to the conclusion that he simply didn't wish to acknowledge her because he didn't want her moving in with us. Don't ask me why he thought she might or why I think that's what he thought. I just do.

This is the face he showed for the whole 4 days! How Rude!

The flowers I had put in her room were astroemeria. I don't usually buy them because they look like lilies and lilies remind me of funerals, but these were so pretty and at $3.99 a bunch, much more within my budget than the dozen yellow roses I would have chosen had I won the lottery.

Although my friend has been gone for a week, the flowers have lasted until this morning. I was so pleased with how long they lasted I bought myself some more!

Oh, wait. There's no cat in the picture...

That's better.

I deny all allegations of guest cruelty!

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Anonymous said...

I know You would never say it, but All your friends know you have a superior cat, and a most lovely home. (Sorry...just seeing pics makes my insides smile.)


Queen Q