Friday, April 20, 2012

Apo-Calypso Chapter 4 Part 2

*** Chapter 4 Part 2

The girls spent a happy and productive afternoon cleaning up the food court and robbing cash registers as they went. Finally, exhausted and laden with bags and cash, they decided to call it a day. They took a quick tool through the parking lot, looking for any pet pigs left behind in locked cars. Fortunately there weren’t any.

“How long does sushi stay fresh, Panda?”

“Well really I think it’s supposed to be eaten the first day. But the fish would still be good if it was refrigerated.”

“Let’s have sushi for dinner. It might be our last sushi meal ever.”

Panda agreed and swung the car into the Pavilion where the posh and elegant Sushi Noir was located. “Aren’t you so glad you took that class on Sushi making?”

“Hai! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu” giggled Dell.


Panda decided to go home after all, and Dell wanted to sleep at her own place so she could feed the pigs in the morning. Panda insisted on Dell calling her when she arrived home to let her know she had made it. They agreed on a rendezvous time and place for the next morning in case the phones stopped working in the night.

Dell really enjoyed the drive home. No traffic at all! She found herself stopping for red lights and had to consciously make herself drive right through them. Even then she would slow down and look both ways through force of habit. At home, she dumped the rest of the bag of pig kibble out into the parking lot. Silky, Freed and the rest of the pigs ambled over and proceeded to Hoover through it in no time. 

She wondered if she propped the walking gate open to the outside world if the pigs would just wander off and fend for themselves. Silky, divested of her couture and headband, had blended in with the pig pack and showed no signs of hanging around Dell unless she had food in her hands. It made Dell sad that her supposed best animal friend was happier with her piggy pals and not showing the least signs of pining for the high fashion pampered life she had been slated for!

That night Dell sat on her 3rd floor balcony with a glass of Amaretto and stared out into the city. It was lit up so brightly, just like always. Except for the lack of traffic noise which always wafted her way from the freeway, the world seemed unchanged. Lights meant life and action! Lights meant people and parties and entertainment. From her vantage point, the Sacramento night skyline looked  alive and thriving.

She wondered if the lights would go out all at once or twinkle out a little bit at a time? She knew Panda would have an answer for that.  She would ask her in the morning. 


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