Friday, April 06, 2012

Apo-Calypso Chapter 2, Part 3

After an exhaustive yet bountiful pig-wear shopping excursion in which Dell bought several chic get-ups for Silky and  Panda spotted a persimmon tree on a side lot with easy access from an alley, the girls relaxed in mutual content over a mocha and a muffin from Mocha, Muffins and More in East Sac.

“What’s the More?” mused Dell. “I mean, what MORE could there be after a mocha and a muffin? Those two are pretty filling.”

“More belly fat would be my guess” replied Panda. “Did you know that pigs don’t have a thalamus? That means their brains never signal that they are full.”

“OMG! That makes so much sense!” declared Dell. “I don’t think I have one either!” She broke off half her chocolate chip macadamia coconut caramel muffin and fed it to Silky, who was now sitting at attention looking eager to join in the feast. Her little tail was twitching in anticipation, making it look almost like a wag.

Panda said, “You know, the weird thing? About the pigs? They act so much like dogs that it’s just a mystery to me why people haven’t had pet pigs in abundance before now.”

Dell, never one for deep thinking when there were edible distractions—or any other kind—at hand, merely shrugged. She was enjoying her day, enjoying her sweet new piggy, and content to be well fed, well shopped and in good company. She loved her cousin Panda and even though she could not prescribe to her weird theories on survival and the end of the world as we know it, she liked knowing someone with bolt cutters who knew how to use them.

And it was then—just then—that the world changed.  


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A cliff hanger weekend looms before us.....