Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrift Store Finds!

I know that it's time for spring fever when I hit the thrift stores and come home with table napkins, bed linens and fabrics to make summer skirts!

The first thing was this awesome pink floral bedspread. I know, I know, it's no longer chic to be shabby, but I had to have it: the colors were so soft and muted and it just looked like a cottage summer to me. Okay, nothing else in the room matches, but that's just because I threw it on the bed really quickly so I could snap the picture.
Here is the close-up. AND! It only cost $2.99.

Here are the rest of my finds. SOME of these things were purchased with future birthday presents in mind. However, I love all of it too much to part with any of it, so I know that the intended recipients know that I love them SO much, I just had to keep these for myself because I know they would WANT me to have them, because they love ME so much.

Ha ha!

On the left is a set of perfect, pristine table napkins and one place mat with the Cost Plus sticker still on them; my favorite store. The place mat was .99 and the napkins were $1.99 for all 4.  Next is the awesome animal tea cozy pattern for a mere  27 cents. And behind it a gorgeous set of pillowcases soon to be made into a skirt for a friend. 25 cents!

Next a king sized pink sheet, brand new, for .99 which I will use for linings and such for various sewing projects.

You can never have too much pink. Pink is my sign! 

Next, a set of pillow shams in a rich upholstery fabric, very good quality for 69 cents for the pair. SCORE!  The deeper double pink fabric to the bottom right is another set of pillow cases, to be made into a skirt for me for 69 cents.

I also picked up this GIANT pillow sham in Hawaiian Fabric. I don't know what I will do with it, but the fabric is very good quality and who knows?

Maybe I'll make myself a muumuu.

Finally, when I got home from all this fun thrifting, I saw that the neighbors across the street were having a yard sale so I popped over there and picked up that butterscotch purse. It's real leather, still had the original paper wadding inside, and had never been used. The girl said she liked it in the store but there are always more purses to be had, so she was selling it. For $5.00! That's right five bucks! 

So my entire thrifting day cost me less than 10 bucks.
And I'm all lined up with sewing projects galore!

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Carrol said...

You're right......I love you so much that I INSIST you keep ALL of the lovely finds for yourself.

Really. I INSIST.


Queen Q