Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sex and a Sandwich

 At Trader Joes, where food is complex and worthwhile and the bags are smashing!

A married friend recently told me that men cannot stand how complicated women make things. She maintains that men are very simple, have simple needs, and don't like to be all psychological about things.

"What men want", she said, "Is sex and a sandwich."

However, I think this is not entirely true, as SPORTS are the most uselessly complicated hot mess of nothingness I've ever run across and yet men are totally obsessed with it.

At least if I'm cooking, sewing, quilting or crafting, the end result of all that mayhem and complication is a TANGIBLE OBJECT...whereas sports just wrap you up emotionally for a couple of hours and then POOF; nothing.

Think about it: all that endless replaying of moves and analysis of the plays? ...that seems pretty darn nit-picky and complicated to ME so I'm not buying it that men are so simple and just like things simple. The bottom line really should be stated to be that men just don't like what WOMEN want to be complex about!

So, here is a grilled chicken panini with a side of peach mango relish. Complications be damned!

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