Monday, September 21, 2009

People Are People Wherever You Go

I had to pop over to the Co-op a bit ago and when I came out, I couldn't find my car. I just headed off into the parking lot, but had no recollection of where I had parked. (Can you say 'fibro-fog' boys and girls? Fibro-Fog.)

I stood there a moment or two and scanned the horizon and then turned back around and headed over in the other direction.

I could see the security guard standing under the shade tree in the front of the lot so I bopped over to him  for no other reason than to tell him I'd lost my car and make a conversation about it.

It's just one of those things you have to TELL somebody about, in my case so that I don't end up just talking out loud to myself in the parking lot.

"Hey! I've lost my car!" I said to him.
"Well, it's a small parking lot. It's bound to turn up sooner rather than later if you keep looking!" He grinned.
"Well, I think you are right! Because you are standing right in front of it!" I told him.
He laughed so hard at me this really tickled the both of us.

This is why my need to talk to total strangers pays off more often than not, I'll tell you!

"I'll tell you another secret," he said, aprapos of nothing, "The cars in this parking lot that are parked in the shade are the best guarded cars around!"

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