Thursday, February 12, 2009


I write the best blog posts while driving in my car or in the middle of the night or while tight rope walking--some place where I can't get to a pen and paper--and since my own brain is no longer a reliable storage unit for retrievable data, I feel like so much of my best stuff gets lost and is never written!

Last night in my sleep I wrote the funniest blog entry evah, but this morning all that remained was the EXCITED title, "CURRENT EVENTS!"

I guess I'll just fill in the blank with whatever's on hand, since I have no idea what fabulous current event I was dreaming about.

Here is a recent thrift store find, now on it's way to one of the winners of my caption contest:

So much for mood lighting.

And here is another CURRENT EVENT! The preparations for a little birthday tea I had for my friend Queen Q. What is missing here is all the fabulous food that she brought! Such as the sausage and onion quiche and the good olive oil in which to dip all that focaccia bread.

I don't know if you can see it, but I stuck a tea light in the center of the Tortuga Rum Cake to make it more festive and birthday-ish.

Her husband was totally skeptical of my claims that a tea light will burn for about 2 hours. "Are you sure?" he kept asking. I could tell that he was multiplying the length of the wick times the volume of wax divided by the circumference of the tin receptacle and coming up with about a ten minute burn.

I'm not interested. I'm not helping. I'm not even paying attention.

Seriously. I'm not helping.

I'm not helping. I'm supervising. Just a little.

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Beth said...

Oooh, I hope it's me! But if it's not, I know it will be something equally lovely and girlesque!