Monday, September 15, 2008

What a Beautiful Mess I'm In

Going out of my mind these days,
Like I'm walkin' round in a haze.
I can't think straight, I can't concentrate.
And I need a shave.
I go to work and I look tired.
The boss man says: "Girl, you're gonna get fired."
This ain't your style, and from behind my coffee cup,
I just smile.
What a beautiful mess!
What a beautiful mess I'm in.
Spendin' all my time with you,
There's nothin' else I'd rather do.
What a sweet addiction that I'm caught up in. (Diamond Rio)
I just had to do it! I had to crawl myself from my bed of woe and make a couple new aprons. It's autumn, and those springy-summery pastels are not the look I'm cravin' for when I don my work attire each morning and head out to the salt mines.
Thank God for Walmart with it's last remaining bastion of the $1 and $2 a yard fabric selections! Most of it is crap but if you dig, you can find some 100% cotton. Sure, it's not flame retardant and I could go up in a kitchen fire like Poof! But new aprons I must have and this is how I can afford to do it!
Laying out the pattern that is most dear to me in the word! GGB's apron pattern from 1932. It's the only one I've ever come across that covers me up the way an apron should.
Cutting out two aprons at once is one of my many smart little tricks!
Getting those pocket placements just right is Easy when you have a handy-dandy reversible pattern.
Operating the sewing machine is more art than science! Take her out for a spin, Young Laredo!
Okay, making miles of bias tape by hand creates heat-blistered fingers and some very wavy tape, but it's soooo worth it in the end.

Click on this picture to see what I mean about the bias tape.
What a beautiful mess I'm in!

Hours of toil and it's finally finished.

The Padawan naps through the entire project!

No time to admire it for long, it's officially on duty and ready to go.


Anonymous said...

I know you would never say so yourself, but all your friends know you are clever, witty....and inspiring!

Bring on fall!!!

Queen Q

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the photos has inspired me to get out my sewing machine and set up a little sewing nook in my bedroom. I need a GGB apron asap. love ya bevo

Joy ☺ said...

You know aprons are all the rave now. I have several friends who would pay you top dollar to make them one. Only they probably wouldn't wear it. So I'm not putting you throught that. They just want it so they think they are hip. They are not deserving of your skillz