Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Many Miss Kitty's Does It Take to Screw in a Bug Light?

Ah, the Bug Lights Saga continues....

Yesterday was my 11 hour work day and believe me, I was tired beyond all Realms of Tiredness. When I showed up at Miss Kitty's to take her to the grocery she was out back rootling around in her garage. I watched her pull out her wheel chair and walk it over to the back door. There was no cane in sight which means she walked down her back porch steps and the 30 feet to her garage with no other assistance whatsoever than her own steam.

This is how I know she's a big Faker.

As we were gathering up her things to go shopping I noticed a burned out bug light on the kitchen table. I asked her what that was about, and she told me that she put it there to remind her brother to put a new one in the socket on her front porch light.

What this means is that she unscrewed the burnt out lightbulb, took the bad one and placed it on the kitchen table so that her brother could come along and put the NEW bulb in the light fixture for her.

Because although it may be a job for One Kitty to unscrew a bug light, its a BIG deal to put the new bulb in it's place. Besides, how could she remain a helpless invalid if her brother discovered she could damn well screw in her own lightbulbs?

1 comment:

Joy ☺ said...

A big fake! I laughed out loud!
You should have hid the lightbulb then you should have sat in the wheelchair and asked her to take you for a ride.