Monday, March 03, 2008

I Believe in Evolution

Long ago, long long ago, back in the ShabbyChicocene Era, we saw the first emergence of the pie safe in it's most basic and rudimentary form:

It's purpose then was to give the appearance of casual Granny Chic. And it lived up to its functionality in the Grand Design. Then, of course, came the Ice Age:

When absolutely everything had to be painted a snowy white. What was originally pristine and timeless, over time became antiseptic looking and rather sterile. Change was inevitable, as very little breeding took place in this frozen wasteland.

And thus was born the New Age of Pie Safes! The Amisholithic Epoch was ushered in with the help of Dutch Boy Cherry Chocolate Paint and several panels of old black pillow ticking. We here in the Pro-Evolution camp feel that this most current incarnation of cabinetry will be with us for a long, long time to come.


Anonymous said...

And look.....the calendars evolved, too!!

I LOVE the cherry-chocolate in paint...and candy, too.

Queen Q

Joan said...

"Dutch Boy Cherry Chocolate"! Just the name makes me want to paint something!

Joy said...

Does Dutch Boy cherry chocolate come in snickerdoodle? Becausem I'm suddenly very hungry.