Friday, February 22, 2008

Thwarted Expectations

It happened again today. In a world practically ruined by the ravishes of technology (what do you mean Blue Ray won? I just finished converting all those VHS's into DVD's!) I found myself utterly unable to cope.

I was leaving the Rite Aid, packages in hand. I stepped up to the door, fully expecting it to swing open and let me out into the world. But no. Something was wrong! Very wrong! THE DOOR DIDN'T OPEN!

I tapped my foot. I pretended to surge forward with my upper body in a feint. I pawed at the earth like a caged stallion. And yet the door remained unmoved and unmoving.

I am ashamed to admit I even looked around for help.

And then reality struck. It was an OLD-FASHIONED kind of door. The one you have to push open by yourself!

Now those sci-fi movies do not seem so far-fetched to me. You know the ones where humans become utterly dependant on robots and then the robots take over the world.


PEA said...

At least you didn't walk right INTO the door like I did at this one place where they also had an old fashioned door! lol It's so true what you say, though, we're completely spoiled with modern technology and having everything done for us!! xox

dlyn said...

This post made me laugh out loud - love it!

Joy said...

We should picket all places with push it yourself doors. Make the switch!!

Anonymous said...

i used the restroom at the bookstore and walked out without flushing it, because it seems that every store has automatic flushers now. i remembered before i left the store though. i am also guilty of waving my hands under the paper towel dispenser, trying to get it to spit me out a paper towel. a toddler walked up and grabbed one out from under my hands and her mommy laughed at me!