Sunday, April 08, 2007

Roses in April

Well, there is nothing like spending 15 minutes of pissed-off frustration each time I want to log on and make a simple post, to sour me on the entire idea of blogging. Although I am fully signed up for the 'new blogger' and have done all that is necessary, I am still stopped at the dashboard and refused entry until I type in 47,000 times my weight in excess acidic remarks. Then it makes me log in under my old blogger identity and go from there. So why won't it let me do that to begin with? I dont know. I feel stuck in blogger/google-blogger purgatory.

And all I wanted was to show these incredible roses that I gleaned from an obliging bush out behind my apartment. That's all! Happy Easter and Happy Spring, y'all!

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PEA said...

You shouldn't be having so much trouble signing into the new Blogger...I have no problems whatsoever. Have you contacted them to tell them of your problems? I don't blame you for getting completely frustrated! Anyway, wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter:-) xoxo