Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Arboreal People

You know how you have that favorite item that just hangs in your closet because you are saving it for special? Actually, I have a few pieces like that. I wore one yesterday; my turquoise blue tee-shirt. I wore it with khaki capri's because it was a fine spring day: just right for that shade of blue.

I went to the Blood Source yesterday and gave blood, finally. Wearing that lovely blue shirt. Nobody told me I could end up with my favorit shirt looking like this:

Apparently the nurse had the cuff too tight and when he stuck the needle in my vein it sprayed out all over everything. I don't know because I had my eyes closed. I can't abide the sight of a needle penetrating my flesh so I can't look.

Nobody told me I could get all blood splattered from donating blood! It's just another one of those things I'm not so keen on doing, now that I know more about it.

Like when I found out that I didn't reallly want to belong to an arboreal people after all. I thought it meant living in one of these lovely conservatories:


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I laughed when I read this.
:D :D :D

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Don't be Afraid! Laughs are what I live for! Tee Hee! Since I don't intend to live in the trees I am content with laughter!