Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tea and Memory

Ah, Good morning. I think today is Wednesday. (actually, it's Thursday!) What a morning I've had already. I tell you. Memory loss is a fearsome thing but did you know it could also be time consuming? I got up this morning bright and early and fixed my usual pot of tea. But I could not find my morning coffee beaker. I looked and looked. I know I had it yesterday, but I couldn't remember at what point I saw it last.

Then an awful fear crept in. What if I packed it into one of the boxes I've been packing up? Although carefully marked, they are not in total precision detail as to each item. I've been packing in categories so I figured it might be in with the coffee mugs and stemware box...but I could have sworn I packed that box 2 days ago and have had tea since then so how COULD it be in there?

But after a thorough and fruitless search (I even looked in the shower. I don't usually drink my tea while shampooing my hair but anything is possible, really, these days) I dug in and started slicing the tape off boxes and going through, one by one, each wrapped bundle of china and crystal and pottery, to see if I could find my tea beaker.

But to no avail.

I gave up and drank tea out of a different vessel and went on with my morning.
By this time my tea was cold so I decided to pop the pot into the microwave for a quick re-heat. And guess what I found?


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes....the forgotten beaker in the microwave. That seems to happen often around here :-)

Boxes? What boxes? I see no boxes...

Queen Q

PEA said...

LOL I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who does that!!! xox

Janet said...

I do things like that all the time!

Are you moving? Have I missed something? I've been behind on reading blogs and have tried to catch up but not having much luck.