Friday, December 15, 2006

Greetings from the Christmas Pig

Happy Holidays everybody! Here is my Christmas Pig Piggy Bank looking particularly piggish today. It looks like he emptied the candy dishes, anyway, but left the fruit.

Not much news on this end from me. I am still alive, still afloat but barely, and attempting to wend my way through the swampy quagmire of the County Social System for my medical coverage. Bleck!

I also found out last night I lost a client. He hasn't been eating the foods I was hired to prepare and so they don't need me. I'm sorry but also a bit relieved. How that translates into lost of income I hate to imagine! Ugh!

Even though I barely manage to update anymore I still try to read everyone's blogs because they are so cheerful and fun! Merry Christmas, Everybody!


Janet said...

That tablecloth is wonderful! And the Christmas pig is cute, too.

Sorry to hear you're dealing with such unpleasant things but hopefully they will get better.

Have a Merry Christmas!! I'll drop in again....I always like to see what you've been up to.

PEA said...

So glad you posted...was worrying about you! I've never seen a Christmas piggy before but it's darling! lol So sorry you're still having problems getting the health coverage you need...I guess that's why they say these days you can't afford to get sick! Hopefully things will turn around real soon for you! xoxo Merry Christmas!