Thursday, November 09, 2006

While my Guitar Gently Weeps

Or while my Cat gently sleeps....

I have been soooo annoyed with my inernet service provider. I finally got hip to the fact that there is actuallyNo Real Hook-up between the nice telephone help person you tell your troubles to and the actual Repairman who shows up (or does not show up) during the 4 hour time slot allotted to fix your problem.

I pour my heart out to these phone techs: Please send me someone who CARES. Someone who will DO What it Takes. Someone who speaks ENGLISH. I'll take butt crack. I''ll take B.O. I'm not that picky. Just PLEASE send me someone who can actually FIX my internet.

My blog depends upon me. My LIFE depends upon the Internet. If I need a map at the last minute so I can find my way to work...I need the internet. If I need to find out what's really going on with Fed-Ex and that hillbilly Brittany Spears...I need the internet. If I need to find out what is going on with Other People's Blogs...I need the internet. If I need to find out a song lyric before it drives me nuts and get stuck in my head forever...I need the internet. Not to mention it's my long-distance PHONE now that I have Skype, and it's how I keep in touch through email with my many, many relatives. And then, I need an hourly fix of Gnarls Barkley and his entire band dressed like Star Wars characters singing the song CRAZY. Because an R&B band with a Strings Section is my idea of Good fun music! Which is actually what inspired me to diagnose the REAL problem for my high speed internet woes:

Mynoks. Chewing on the Power Cables.

A Comcast tech has been here 3 days this week since Sunday. And I've been scheduled for an appointment EVERY day this week. But when the person doesn't show and I call to find out why, I am told, "YOU rescheduled that, Ma'am." I did? Because I could have sworn that I did NO SUCH THING!!!! Oh, this is turning into a triple chin venting rant session so let me add a little peace...and quiet.

This happy little corner of my bedroom might do the trick.

And yes, it's almost Scarf Weather again! So I got them out from summer storage and they are ready to be draped around my neck very soon!

Hope everyone is having a pleasant November so far, and if you aren't hearing from me, it's because my internet is still not working!


Janet said...

I absolutely hate dealing with computer techs of any kind! My sympathies to you while you get this all sorted out. I, too, am just lost without my computer.

Your corner looks so pretty. I would get out my scarves but the past few days it's still been in the upper 80's!!

PEA said...

I always wonder sometimes where they got their training from...they certainly don't seem to know how to fix things! Hope your internet problems can be over with soon!! Love your corner and what a lovely idea to put your scarves in a basket:-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Comphter techs, huh! Is there really such an animal or are they all masquerading as idiots! I have found, in the past, that getting hold of a computer savvy friend is much cheaper!

Lovely puss, sound asleep and in the Land of Catnaps.

Have a great weekend