Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I never compliment myself or brag, but all my friends will tell you I am a very, VERY important person! I have an amazing array of REALLY important and well-connected friends. Oh, sure, I don't hear from them often and they don't really invite me to their yachts or cocktail parties, but every two years at least they will give me a phone call. Just to check in!

For instance just last night I thought that phone would never leave me alone! Clint Eastwood called first. Why, Hello, Clint! I said! But he was in such a rush to tell me about some woman he is all excited about politically that I couldn't get a word in edgewise with him. But that's just Clint. He's so politically active, you know?

And next it was Arnold. Now, normally, I will sit and listen to Arnold, but last night I was all, "Terminate It, Baby! I'm trying to watch Prison Break! Say hello to Maria for me, and the kids! But I can't talk now!"

Jerry Brown called to chat, but again I just had to cut him off.

This morning, while having a private and low-key breakfast at the Midtown Creperie, which is known for being a 'No-Papparazi Zone" here came Channel 10 and the Bay Area's Channel 11 of NBC, and I was just swamped, I tell you, swamped with cameras in my face. I was really hoping I didn't have pesto in my teeth from my Chicken Pesto Crepe.

But what can I do? I'm a V.I.P! So I just smiled and shook hands all around. Even the nice man running for Lieutenant Governor, Garimandi I think his name is, was inclined to come over and hob nob with me. He had his lovely wife and grandkids with him. Apparently there is some big political event happening today and he wanted to secure my vote. His wife is so very lovely, so classy. I didn't mind at all when she put her arms around me and had our picture taken together. I hope Jerry isn't offended. I think this is the guy that is running against him!

But that's just how it is when you are a V.I.P. Everyone wants to see and be seen with me. I handle it with good Grace, though, because I know I am blessed to be so special.

In the meantime, here is a cozy corner of my home, in it's usual blurry state!


PEA said...

Well no wonder when I tried to call you, your line was busy all night!! hehe What a wonderful post...ahhh to lead the life of a V.I.P.!!!! Just adore your furniture and the way you have set up that little corner of the room!!

Janet said...

That was funny! I wrote about the very same thing a few days ago. I'll be so glad when this election is over tonight and the phone stops ringing!!