Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Santa Sighting!

Yesterday I went to meet a friend for Sushi Lunch. It required going on the Business 80 past the Arden Mall Corridor which means MAYHEM and MADNESS on the highway.

It can take 10 minutes to merge onto the freeway and then another 15 just to get to the next exit where more people are trying to merge onto the freeway.

In the middle of all this merging the retard designers of the freeway itself have placed 2 lanes that END abruptly and you have to merge left because there is nowhere left to go.

So it's always a bottleneck and during Holiday Shopping Time it's just awful.

Yesterday, I was waiting and waiting to merge...creeping along slowly because my lane was going to END in an embankment if I didn't get over...and nobody was budging whatsoever. It's like their attitude is: I'm in a lane that works, screw you!

When suddenly, what should appear behind me but a small red vehicle being driven by...SANTA CLAUS! And he waved me right in! And I merged ahead of him and looked into my rear view mirror and sitting beside him in a bad white hair wig was MRS. CLAUS! You don't see them out for a spin together very often!

They both had Rosy Red Cheeks and Santa, who was not wearing his hat in the car, had flowing white locks and a very beautiful snowy white beard! Very real! And perched on his nose was a lovely pair of gold wire rim glasses.

It just gave me the happiest day, in that moment!

Santa is an excellant driver!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it has been a year since I found your blog. I checked back a few times, but never saw your comment to me. I think I found the blog after I found the East Noble facebook and saw some of the pictures of classmates. Somehow that led me here. No more sledding, but still in Alaska. Semi-bush, off the grid, but still have internet,etc. Last I knew you were in Vegas. Did you go to the reunion last summer? Just hard to imagine meeting up with so many people that weren't that nice to begin with. Still can't believe you named your cat Mackie Manns. Just read all of your posts since last year. First time I ever ate a pom was once when we were walking to school and you shared with me.

Anonymous said...

That was such a Bones comment, "Santa is a good driver!", indeed! :) Not that Bones BELIEVES in Santa, exactly, but if there WERE one, and he waved her into traffic ahead of him, she'd make such a statement. Well, you know what I mean...

Anonymous said...

Marti! How nice to hear from you again! Why not email me privately and that way I can answer your questions more fully! email address is under the 'profile' section on this blog!