Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Card Trick

Word to the Wise: Don't download Internet Explorer 8 if you have an older computer: you will never see the internet alive again!!!! Bwaaahaaaaa haaaaa! What with a few computer problems and being so dull and too busy to be anything but dull, I've had no time and no inkling to post. But the other day, when it was rainy, I had time to do a little card trickery!

I had to make some cards for an ailing friend, and I did manage to send her some very nice ones, but these could not be parted with! They are pink! They have roses! They must be hoarded!


Carrol said...

Hoard away....those are incredibly charming!

Queen Q

Joy ☺ said...

How much hoarding is too much? Or does that defeat the definition of hoarding to ask such a question? But really, if you just HAD to hoard, those are the perfect cards to hoard!