Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Hatred Confession

Everyone who reads this should know by now how weird I am. It's not a secret. I freely share my odd quirks and opinions; that's what a blog is for.

And for the most part you all tolerate it. I got nary a rebuff for declaring I hate Frank Sinatra. My opinion that unwed mothers should be FINED not rewarded with welfare and all kinds of medical benefits probably just stunned folks into silence, but whatever the reason I didn't get any guff about it. Even my disclosure that I HAVE CRACK was accepted with some tolerance.

But now, today's revelation? Bound to set me beyond the pale. It will place me firmly in the ranks of those who are on the outside of enough. Those to whom the boundaries of polite society are forever closed.

That's right. I've said it. Cast me out, oh my people! I don't care. I hate it and that's my Final Answer.
What is it, anyway? A glass of milk with raw egg, 2 cups of sugar in each glass and a sprinkling of gritty nutmeg on the top. Purchased in a carton that cleverly disguises itself as normal milk. Thick enough to be liquid pudding. BLECH I say! Disgusting.
I've been told there is a grown up version, though. Loaded with booze. Very tasty. And yet the idea of combining dairy, sugar, alcohol and raw egg seems to me to be sheer insanity. Who ever dreamed this stuff up? Russians who ran out of goat yogurt?
Well, there you have it. My True Confession. Shun me if you must in public, but try to be kind at the Christmas parties. You can be happy because it means there will be all the more eggnog for you!


Beyondpanic said...

Eggnog is just salmonella poisoning waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....surely one doesn't DRINK eggnog!!! It's for Eggnog Pound Cake, Eggnog Pancakes, Eggnog Custard Pie and other such delicacies.
Isn't it????

Queen Q

Joy ☺ said...

We ARE related. I HATE HATE HATE Eggnog. puke, gag, and puke again. But I also don't like the taste of nutmeg.
I ate all of the maple buns you sent me in one sitting within 5 minutes by the way. Thanks for those!!