Friday, June 27, 2008

Wheals of Fire

Wheals on my skin keep on burnin'
I don't know if I'll see tomorrow
Wheals on my skin keep on turning
I think some salve I must borrow...

There I was, just cruising along in life, work going smoothly, managing my fibromyalgia, no drama, no pain, dancing on lily pads, cavorting with the nature spirits, when SUDDENLY!!!I'm a mass of itching burning scary welts and wheals that look like GIANT mosquito bites that travel from place to place on my body and cause me to itch so badly I want to dig out my own eyeballs and slice my skin off like a cleaned carrot..I like this picture.

Don't I look PISSED OFF?

I think I look PISSED OFF!!!!

Are these pictures too graphic for you?

Be thankful I am sparing you the ones of my ASS!!!!


Joy ☺ said...

what on earth happened to you???? Is that poison ivy????

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!
That is just awful!!! I'm soooo sorry.
I got hives once....and that looks similar.
Big bummer....and in the heat and smoke, too :-(

Sending soothing thoughts, as hugs might not be comfortable...
Queen Q

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Yes, it is Hives and they are exactly like one million mosquito bites itching at once then dissapearing and reappearing elsewhere. I've had them for 3 days now and I'm about to take an Uzi and blow away a McDonalds from a bell tower. But I'd probably be itching so much my aim would be off.

They are supposedly from the airborne CRAP from all the wildfires. You know, all those pollens, allergens, poison oak, etc crisped into a fine breathable powder.

MastCellHell said...

I hate to break it to you but this is not hives. i forget the tehcnical name for this bizarre rash but it usually affects people with mast cell disorders/mastocytosis and or some other form of horrific unbearable allergy. you should go see an allergy specialist promptly, because for me this bizarre rash was just the beginning of the onset of a horrible orphane disease that doctors literally know nothingabout and there is no cure for.....Masotcytosis. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it's best to be proactive with this disease and good luck finding a doctor who will even know what your talking baout let alone how to help you manage your symptoms. I live in Minnesota and had to travel all the way to Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston to see one of the onlt Mast Cell specialists in the United States by the name of Dr. Cem Akins or his partner Dr. Castells. Good luck to you my friend