Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now Accepting Donations for a Worthy Cause

MEET the FAMILY NECK: (click on each picture to get the full horror.)

Here's one.

And here's another.

And a couple of them, side by side.

And here is yet another.

And another.

I tell you there is no escaping biology. Heredity. DNA. I've sworn for years that if I ever developed the family neck I would fall off a cliff or wear turtle necks swathed in scarves while falling off a cliff.

But here it is at last. My dearth and my doom. Jeff said, "There are exercises you can do to fix that. Look Left, Look Right, Repeat until you find a Plastic Surgeon."

Ha, ha, Funny, Jeff!

And so here I am, accepting donations for a chin lift. Don't you think it's a worthy cause?


Joy said...

Oh man! This made me laugh out loud! You are so original. You and your neck. I'd donate, but then where would I be once my neck gets there? I have to SAVE!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Start Saving NOW because the neck is gonna get you! The neck is gonna Get you!

bigcitymama said...

hahah! My family has that exact same neck, and while I don't have it quite yet, I'm expecting it shortly. Maybe we're related!