Friday, June 08, 2007

Pissed about Paris!

Really! I couldn't believe my ears yesterday when found out that Paris Hilton was released from jail because of a hissy fit and sent home with an ankle bracelet instead! She'll serve out her sentence confined to her 3500 foot Beverly Hills mansion. She can order take out, (she already got her favorite cupcakes brought to the house! Poor Girl! Hasn't eaten in days and the moment she gets home she gets a tray of special order cupcakes!) have all her friends over, drink and dance to her hearts content, and lay in bed with her cushions and pillows and snort coke all day long if she wants to.

I think of a recent letter from a friend incarcerated at the county jail who was without his psyche meds for 3 days because there are not enough doctors to go around, so how is it that Paris as supervised by a 'team of medical doctors'?

Jail is a rough place, but she was given the best privacy and security. All she had to do was sit and do her time, and she couldn't hack it. So she threw a fit and they let her out. In jail, in the 'gen-pop' area, (general population) there are women going through detox, screaming and crying, angry and bored, and none of them get out of jail because they can't hack it.

I am disgusted with the Sheriff's department who caved to a Princess Pouting.

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